Dice Cheating Device

Dice Cheating Devices are specially constructed dice with duplicate or altered numbers on their surfaces, designed to facilitate cheating at craps. Casinos use special codes printed underneath one of the pip paints to identify such dice as cheaters. Cheating devices such as fluorescence indicators may change the odds of rolling a pip 6 significantly, asRead more ⟶

How to Hide a Poker Scanner Camera

Poker Scanner Camera is a device used to read bar code marked cards and transmit their data directly into a smartphone program that calculates winnings in gambling. Typically concealed in everyday objects and operated without drawing attention from others. Watch poker scanner cameras look similar to regular watches and can easily be worn without anyoneRead more ⟶

What Is a Remote Control Dice?

Remote Control Dice are one of the most widely used cheating dice devices, offering 100% accuracy when rolling your desired number. Comprised of processed dice, wireless remote control and an accompanying special board. This dice cheating device looks exactly the same as regular ones, making it easy to use without anyone noticing. Its working principleRead more ⟶

How to Use a Poker Cheating Device

There are various methods of cheating at poker; some require skill while others can be easily accomplished without immediate detection. One popular way is colluding with another person as an accomplice. The ideal gambling cheating device consists of invisible barcode marked cards, poker scanner analyzer and special mini earpiece – working together to report resultsRead more ⟶

Marked Playing Cards

Marked playing cards can be an indispensable tool for magicians. Their presence allows them to sneak peeks without anyone knowing. But be wary; glances at hidden markings might reveal your trick if done too openly. Early card markings included crimps and bends, along with pinprick bumps known as blisters that resemble braille script. Over time,Read more ⟶

Video Poker Cheating Devices

Video poker cheating devices allow you to predict the result of a game even before it starts. It combines poker scanning cameras, invisible barcode marked card, and a software to calculate the winners of gambling games. Unlike old models, this new version is almost undetectable to others. Its appearance is very similar to a daily-useRead more ⟶

Playing Cards Cheating Devices

The cheating devices for playing cards are gambling products that contain a variety of tools. These include marked cards, invisible ink lenses, poker scanning cameras, luminous ink pens and poker analyzers. This particular playing card cheating device can be hidden in a mobile phone. The main advantage of this is that it can be usedRead more ⟶

Poker Cheating Equipment

The poker cheating device is created to detect the invisible barcodes of cards. It transmits information to a tiny earpiece which can display the results of the hand and the person who won. The devices are usually expensive however they are worth it due to the results they bring. A hacker named Elie Bursztein recentlyRead more ⟶

Casino Cheating Devices

Casino cheating devices range from traditional techniques like light wands, to modern technology that can read playing cards. Some are so advanced that they might even be included in Apple’s annual launch of new products. Casinos are constantly looking for new methods to identify scammers. The most recent tool is to utilize lampshole cameras andRead more ⟶

Gambling Cheating Devices

In the last decade, there were many large-scale casino scams which involved cameras. These crooks, however, are able to stay clear of being caught because of the simple technology they use. The most up-to-date gambling cheating devices can be purchased from shops located in Guangzhou which is the largest city in the world for buyingRead more ⟶