Baccarat Dealing Shoe Cheat Device for Poker Scanning System

We have matched cheating devices to help you win in games no matter what games. Today, I would like to introduce you to dealing shoes with a secret poker scanner…

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No matter what the game is, we have matching cheats to help you win the game. Today I want to introduce you to a secret poker scanner trading shoe for cheating at baccarat. Our innovative technical team has installed a hidden camera lens in it to scan the invisible ink barcode marked cards. With this fantastic device, you will undoubtedly be the biggest winner in baccarat.

Features of Baccarat cheating shoes
Black and transparent for your choice.
Depending on your needs, you can choose between 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-ply shoes, making it capable of playing with many players.
The battery lasts about eight hours. When it runs out of power, you can charge it with the included charger.
The poker scanning cameras are installed very discreetly, making it difficult for people to find them. Unlike other poker cheating devices, the dealer shoe does not arouse suspicion during the game.
There is a suitable remote to turn on the poker camera if needed.

How does the baccarat cheat device work?
Before the shuffled cards are placed in the shoe, the scanning cameras are turned on.
Next, connect your poker analyzer to the shoe. By the way, remember to keep their distance within 5 meters. The closer the distance, the better the signal and the faster you can get results.
The poker analyzer then determines whether the winner is the banker or the player. And the analyzer needs to be used with wireless monitoring headphones, and it will tell you the result within 0.03 seconds.

Also, a regular AKK or CVK poker analyzer device can only scan 1-2 decks at a time. So if you have special needs to scan more decks, it is recommended to buy a custom poker analyzer. In addition, we also offer the service of customizing the dealer shoe with a specific poker scanner camera.

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Black / 2-Deck, Black / 4-Deck, Black / 6-Deck, Black / 8-Deck, Transparent / 2-Deck, Transparent / 4-Deck, Transparent / 6-Deck, Transparent / 8-Deck


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