Fournier WPT Luminous Ink Marked Playing Cards

Fournier WPT luminous ink marked playing cards are no longer a novel poker gambling device in the casino games. Since its great practicality, perfect appearance as well as high quality….

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Fournier WPT Glowing Ink Marker Playing Cards are no longer a novelty poker gambling device for casino games. Because of its strong practicality, perfect appearance and high quality.

The World Poker Tour is a series of international poker tournaments with high buy-ins and high prize pools. Fournier is now the official provider of the World Poker Tour, the most prestigious poker tournament in the casino world. Fournier WPT playing cards are made of 100% plastic material that never compromises when dealing or shuffling, and the same goes for Fournier WPT luminescent ink marked playing cards.

It usually works with most players’ IR contact lenses. Forget about decoding the luminous ink markings on the back of each playing card, put on the marked card reader and know the suit and number at a glance. We have normal patterns representing Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds. Additionally, we have a simplified pattern to represent each suit. We can also make your Fournier WPT marker cards for you if you want custom marker graphics.

Using original Fournier WPT playing cards, the treatment of invisible ink will not destroy its original quality, appearance or even feel, but endow the playing cards with a magical power. You won’t be able to help but smile the first time you mark your playing cards with Fournier Glow in the Dark Ink.


Plastic / Blue / Infrared Camera, Plastic / Blue / Infrared Contact Lenses, Plastic / Red / Infrared Camera, Plastic / Red / Infrared Contact Lenses


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