IR Contact Lenses for Luminous Marked Cards

IR contact lenses for luminous marked cards poker are the rarest version of luminous ink readers. The infrared contacts have a red filter in the center of the contact that…

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IR Contact Lenses for Luminous Marker Poker are the rarest version of the Luminous Ink Reader. Infrared contacts have a red filter in the center of the contact that only covers your pupil. To others, they see your normal colored eyes, but in your field of vision, you see red.


Most of these infrared contact lenses for luminous ink cards are made in China. Some would say that lenses can cause eye diseases, infections, and other complications. is that true If you care for your contact lenses according to the directions, there will be no side effects on your eyes, and vice versa. In the past, the price of contact readers was very high. And now, we go straight to the source and buy in bulk. So, you are guaranteed to enjoy Infrared Contact Lenses at the best market prices on the internet! They are not as durable as glasses due to their expected lifespan of 480-600 hours. Save now and buy in bulk for huge discounts.


What’s more, we will send the lens together with the instruction manual. When you receive the package, it is wise to read the precautions and follow the instructions to clean the contacts! If you have any questions about infrared contact lenses, welcome to contact me.


1 year / 5mm / Bank Transfer, 1 year / 5mm / Moneygram, 1 year / 5mm / Western Union, 1 year / 6mm / Bank Transfer, 1 year / 6mm / Moneygram, 1 year / 6mm / Western Union, 1 year / 9mm / Bank Transfer, 1 year / 9mm / Moneygram, 1 year / 9mm / Western Union, 6 months / 5mm / Bank Transfer, 6 months / 5mm / Moneygram, 6 months / 5mm / Western Union, 6 months / 6mm / Bank Transfer, 6 months / 6mm / Moneygram, 6 months / 6mm / Western Union, 6 months / 9mm / Bank Transfer, 6 months / 9mm / Moneygram, 6 months / 9mm / Western Union


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