Luminous Ink Contact Lenses for Marked Playing Cards

Luminous ink contact lenses, the high-tech product for poker players, are one of the marked?deck readers that used to detect the luminous marked cards. By wear these lenses, the user…

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Glow in the dark ink contact lens is a high-tech product for poker players, a tag reader for detecting luminous-in-the-dark marked cards. By wearing these lenses, users can see hidden indicia (numbers or letters of value) on the back of the playing cards.

Why can I still see invisible marks after wearing glow-in-the-dark ink contact lenses? Science tells us that some light in nature is visible to the human eye and some is not, such as ultraviolet and infrared rays. To see invisible light, people need the help of some tools, such as infrared cameras.

Cheat marked cards are treated with Glow in the Dark or IR ink, so after the ink on the back of the card dries, the markings are invisible to the human eye. So we need the help of a poker lens. Usually, they are not corrected. If the client is nearsighted, we will ask about his spectacle prescription and customize contact lenses with diopters. The most important reason people want to wear glow-in-the-dark ink contact lenses is that it won’t change the color of your eyes.


6mm / 42% / Bank Transfer, 6mm / 42% / Moneygram, 6mm / 42% / Wetern Union, 6mm / 48% / Bank Transfer, 6mm / 48% / Moneygram, 6mm / 48% / Wetern Union, 9mm / 42% / Bank Transfer, 9mm / 42% / Moneygram, 9mm / 42% / Wetern Union, 9mm / 48% / Bank Transfer, 9mm / 48% / Moneygram, 9mm / 48% / Wetern Union


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