Power Bank Camera with Poker Predictor

With the power bank becoming hot use these days, the power bank camera with poker predictor becomes more and more popular among the users. It’s quite normal for the poker…

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With the popularity of mobile power, mobile power cameras with poker predictions are becoming more and more popular among users. It is not uncommon for poker players to bring a power bank to charge their phones at the table after a long game. This makes the poker camera lens in the power bank safe to use in poker games.

Like early poker cheat cameras, the power bank camera can easily scan barcode-marked playing cards by placing the marked cards on a poker table within its scanning range.

Compared with earlier scanner cameras, the new power bank camera with poker predictor has the following advantages. First, the camera lens in this new power bank camera works faster than earlier scanner cameras. It’s a dynamic camera that can read cards even when it’s moving in the hand.

2. This power bank camera with poker predictor has a larger scanning range, and the scanning distance can be 30-60cm, 60-90cm or 90-120cm.

This new power bank can cover the scan camera lens very well. Just grab one and charge your phone while enjoying your poker game!


Black / 25 cm / 10 Hours, Black / 25 cm / 24 Hours, Black / 30 cm / 10 Hours, Black / 30 cm / 24 Hours, Gray / 25 cm / 10 Hours, Gray / 25 cm / 24 Hours, Gray / 30 cm / 10 Hours, Gray / 30 cm / 24 Hours, Others / 25 cm / 10 Hours, Others / 25 cm / 24 Hours, Others / 30 cm / 10 Hours, Others / 30 cm / 24 Hours, White / 25 cm / 10 Hours, White / 25 cm / 24 Hours, White / 30 cm / 10 Hours, White / 30 cm / 24 Hours


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