Professional Loaded Dice for Gambler

There are a lot of different types of dice cheating devices. In this article, we will pay more attention to the loaded dice for gamblers. In fact, gravity dice, weight…

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There are many different types of dice cheating devices. In this article, we will focus more on the gambler’s bets. In fact, gravity dice, weight dice, fixed dice, and mercury dice can all be called loading dice. Because both of them usually add some special items to the dice, such as sand, small stones, mercury or magnets. And no matter what items we install, it will be difficult for other players to find and suspect.

What do we do with professionally loaded dice? Some figures will have lead paint and the other side will have a lighter paint. This means that the weight is heavier on one side and more often on the bottom. Or the holes can be drilled deeper. Small lead shots can be used to fill deeper holes. Finally, smooth it out with sandpaper or a metal file. If any metal protrudes beyond the end of the mold, you’ll need to sand it down and use fine sandpaper to smooth out any small bumps. This will be very important. By the way, loading the dice is easy to do, since we usually only deal with points on two opposite sides.


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