Texas Holdem Poker Analyzer iPhone 12 Pro

The poker analyzer iPhone 12 Pro is one of the hot sellers in our store. Why are they so popular among poker players? Let me tell you. Covered with the…

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Poker Analyzer iPhone 12 Pro is one of the hot selling products in our store. Why are they so popular among poker players? let me tell you.

The stylish black iPhone 12 Pro mobile phone, based on the new A5 Android poker cheating system, lets you know the highest and second cards in Texas Hold’em and Omaha games in advance. It is considered the best cheating device in Texas Hold’em.

Features of the iPhone 12 Pro Poker Analyzer
Decks marked with invisible ink barcodes. Playing cards of any brand can be marked.
The scanning distance is 25-45 cm. By the way, it can scan 1-2 decks at the same time. If you need to scan more decks and customize your poker game to your requirements, a specific programmed analyzer can be customized.
When the scanning distance does not meet your usage scenario, the analyzer supports an external poker scanner camera.
Calculate the result (both first hand and second hand) within 0.03 seconds, you can receive it through the wireless spy headset.
Bluetooth is unlocked. It can work with 9 handsets at the same time.
The battery can be replaced and recharged, working for 8 hours.
The language version can be set to Chinese and English.
What’s more, it is not only a poker analyzer, but also a normal mobile phone with standard functions. (listening to music, making calls, sending messages, etc.)

With these features, the iPhone 12 Pro Poker Analyzer can meet the needs of customers and gradually become the best-selling poker cheater of the year. We promise you can get the best quality products. If you have any questions about our poker analyzer for iPhone 12 pro, please contact us.


Remote Controller / One Extra Battery, Remote Controller / Two backup batteries, Spy Earpiece / One Extra Battery, Spy Earpiece / Two backup batteries


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