US Bee Marked Cards for Gambling Cheating

Bee marked cards for gambling cheating as one of the three best-selling brands in the United States, and we sell almost tens of thousands decks every year from 2010 years….

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As one of the top three best-selling brands in the United States, the bee-marked gambling cheating cards have sold nearly ten thousand decks of cards every year since 2010. Its extraordinary diamond-shaped quadrilateral reverse pattern is famous all over the world. As for materials, these cards are very durable and have a high-quality plastic coating.

Premium Bee brand cards feature a patented coating and unique finish to last longer in serious poker play. Best of all, our focus on quality means you get cards with great slide, snap and feel in every deck. Even those cards are marked with invisible ink by our professional printer.

Speaking of markings on the back, here are three types that can be prepared by infrared contact lenses or sunglasses. If there is no special requirement, we generally mark a large mark in the middle, because this is the way to read from the longest distance. The second is small markings on the 4 corners for easy reading of the second card. The last one is mini mark in white line, which is more suitable for special design customers. If you don’t want to mark it as a number, you can print a special shape in a different position to represent the number and suit.


Blue / Jumbo Index / Barcode, Blue / Jumbo Index / IR & UV, Blue / Standard Index / Barcode, Blue / Standard Index / IR & UV, Red / Jumbo Index / Barcode, Red / Jumbo Index / IR & UV, Red / Standard Index / Barcode, Red / Standard Index / IR & UV


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