5 Ways to Cheat at Dice

Cheating at dice has become a popular pastime around the world. It’s great to test your luck, but it also goes against a unspoken rule: players should always play fairly. Fortunately, casinos take extra precautions to prevent dice cheaters from ruining the game for other patrons.

Craps cheating with dice

Fixed dice are a popular way to cheat when playing dice. In essence, these are dice which have been altered so that they will land more often on specific numbers when thrown.

You can find these fixed dice in prehistoric and ancient tombs, as well in Viking graves. These dice have been used to cheat in various casino games including craps, backgammon and roulette.

Shaving Corners

This is an extremely common cheating technique. It involves altering the corners and edges of the dice. This is achieved by shaving down the edges of the dice to the point that they resemble razor blades, and can be more easily grabbed onto the table.

Another way to cheat is to make the dice slightly bigger on the side you want to see them roll more frequently. You can do this either by soaking the dice in a hot water bath or in an oven for 10 minutes.

You can cheat at dice games in many ways, including using shaved dice. These include:

Past Posting

This is a common way to cheat at dice. You place your chips on the winning bets before the dealer finishes throwing the dice. It is very effective, and you may even win a few wagers before the dealer finishes the final throw.

The only problem with this type of cheating is that it’s easy for other players to notice and spot you if they aren’t looking. It can be especially hard to hide when playing against a live dealer, and you’ll need to have some pretty good acting skills to get away with this one.

Loose measurements

You can do this by adding extra dice to a large number, or by picking up the dice and putting them away before your opponent sees them. You can also pick “hits” instead of “misses”.

Double Flipping

This is another popular method of cheating at dice that involves rolling the dice and then quickly picking them up before other players can see the result. This is an effective method that can be performed with a great deal of practice.

Coloring Over the Weight

This method of cheating at dice is a bit more difficult than other methods of rigging the die, but it is possible to do. You can paint a fake mass over the edge of any die you want to appear more often.