Invisible Marked Poker Cards Recognition Contact Lenses

Invisible Marked Poker Cards Recognition Contact Lenses are special contact lenses that allow a user to see invisible markings on the back of playing cards. This specialized product is perfect for those familiar with marked card techniques and can provide a significant advantage in a number of different games. Designed to work with specific filters, these contact lenses allow individuals to detect the invisible markings by blocking out unnecessary wavelengths of light and allowing only the necessary ones through. This makes it possible to discreetly read the invisible markings on the playing cards while remaining undetected by others around you.

These back marked cards have been processed with black light invisible ink juice, and can only be seen with luminous ink readers (contact lenses or sunglasses). The marks on the back of the cards are very small and hard to recognize with the naked eye, but they are easily recognized by our luminous ink reader contact lenses or sunglasses.

These lenses are specially designed for your eyes, and are safe to use in all types of games. We have different tints for you to choose from depending on your eye color, so that the color of the lenses matches your eyes. These lenses are also very comfortable to wear, and will not cause any side effects like soreness or irritation. In addition, they can be worn for extended periods of time without causing any discomfort. This allows you to play cards for long periods of time without having to worry about wearing glasses or getting your vision damaged.