Marked Cards Bicycle

Marked Cards Bicycle are playing cards marked with invisible markings. This allows a magician or poker player to cheat during play time without being detected by the other players. These marks can also be used for many different purposes. These decks can be used for magic shows, card tricks, and other entertainment.

Unlike many other decks of marked cards, this one comes with a tuck box and instructions for decoding the markings. It looks like a normal deck of Bicycle Riderback cards. This should make it impossible for spectators to notice.

These cards are not intended to be used to cheat, but it is possible. Marking cards is unethical and illegal. You could face serious consequences if caught.

This is a great deck of marked playing cards that’s reasonably priced. It’s a great choice for those who are looking for something to add to their card magic repertoire, or for anyone who wants to be more prepared in the event of a poker game.

This deck has been printed on USPCC’s elite stock, which makes the deck flexible and snappy. The deck is very durable and has a traditional, smooth cut. The unique markings make it easy to read. The deck includes 2 identical jokers, a double backer, and an ad card.