Casino Cheating Device Lamp Hole Camera

Casino cheating device lamp hole camera is one of the most practical long-scanning distance scanner for poker analyzing system. With the special procession in this lamp camera, its lighting function…

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The casino cheat light hole camera is one of the most practical long-range scanners for poker analysis systems. Due to the special treatment of this bulb camera, its lighting function will not be affected more or less. And, having a mini poker camera inside the light won’t arouse anyone’s suspicions either.

It is understood that more and more casinos and casinos are banning any frivolous items on the table, such as mobile phones, power banks, car keys, and even water bottles. Therefore, if you want to play a little trick, the top quality long scan distance lamp aperture scanner camera is your best choice.


Scanning distances between 1-2m, 2-3m, 3-4m, light hole casino cheating camera and barcode tag card can be obtained from here. Therefore, according to the position where you want to install the light hole camera, as a professional manufacturer, we will give you our suggestions to achieve the best scanning effect. Sometimes, you mount the scanner on a wall. Players are asked to provide more details such as the distance between the scanner and the table, the height of the table, etc. The more accurate data you give us, the more accurate and less time it takes to design a lamp.

Last but not least, we will provide detailed videos and photos for players to install and use casino cheat light hole cameras in the best possible way.


Black / Metal / Wireless 2.37G, Black / Metal / Wireless 2.47G, Black / Metal / Wireless 2.57G, Black / Plastic / Wireless 2.37G, Black / Plastic / Wireless 2.47G, Black / Plastic / Wireless 2.57G, Others / Metal / Wireless 2.37G, Others / Metal / Wireless 2.47G, Others / Metal / Wireless 2.57G, Others / Plastic / Wireless 2.37G, Others / Plastic / Wireless 2.47G, Others / Plastic / Wireless 2.57G, White / Metal / Wireless 2.37G, White / Metal / Wireless 2.47G, White / Metal / Wireless 2.57G, White / Plastic / Wireless 2.37G, White / Plastic / Wireless 2.47G, White / Plastic / Wireless 2.57G


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