JUEGO Plastic Texas Pro Juice Marked Cards Deck

JUEGO Texas Pro playing cards is produced in Italy and mainly used there. They are made from durable 100% plastic and can last for long time use. Here our JUEGO…

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JUEGO Texas Pro playing cards are produced in Italy and primarily played in Italy. They are made of durable 100% plastic and will last for a long time. Here, our JUEGO Plastic Texas Pro Juice Marker Card Deck is marked with invisible ink and original JUEGO Texas Pro cards from Italy.

The high quality glow in the dark juice markers have invisible markings on the back that cannot be seen or detected by the naked eye. Although the dark pattern on the back of JUEGO Texas Pro playing cards is very special and difficult to mark, our experienced technicians can mark it well with glow-in-the-dark ink and advanced card marking printers. Mechanism marking ensures the quality of the marking, which can only be seen by infrared ink devices such as IR contact lenses.

JUEGO Texas Pro Plastic Contact Lenses are marked with casino-quality playing cards, giving their users the perfect opportunity to be the ultimate winner or ruler in a poker game. Exactly the same appearance as the original JUEGO Texas Pro playing cards, people cannot detect this invisible ink trick. There are a few strategies that can be used with this kind of playing cards with juice marks.

Choosing a pair of glow-in-the-dark ink contact lenses that fit comfortably is one of the easiest ways to do this. Also, wearing glow in the dark ink sunglasses is a great way to help or protect yourself during a poker game.


Black / Infrared Camera / Barcode, Black / Infrared Camera / IR & UV, Black / Infrared Contact Lenses / Barcode, Black / Infrared Contact Lenses / IR & UV, Black / Poker Analyzer / Barcode, Black / Poker Analyzer / IR & UV, Blue / Infrared Camera / Barcode, Blue / Infrared Camera / IR & UV, Blue / Infrared Contact Lenses / Barcode, Blue / Infrared Contact Lenses / IR & UV, Blue / Poker Analyzer / Barcode, Blue / Poker Analyzer / IR & UV, Red / Infrared Camera / Barcode, Red / Infrared Camera / IR & UV, Red / Infrared Contact Lenses / Barcode, Red / Infrared Contact Lenses / IR & UV, Red / Poker Analyzer / Barcode, Red / Poker Analyzer / IR & UV


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