Omnipotent Mercury Dice for Gambling

Mercury dice is one of popular cheating devices in dice gambling. Mercury is the only liquid metal in the world, and because it has the sticky, heavy and movable features…

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Mercury Dice is one of the popular cheating tools in dice gambling. Mercury is the only liquid metal in the world, and due to its viscous, heavy and mobile properties, we do not choose iron powder or sand to replace it.

Other cheat dice usually only get one or two fixed points at most. But quicksilver dice can get any number of points you want. To get the score you want, you need to tap the opposite side a bit before rolling the dice. For example, if you want to get 6 points, you need to knock 1 point slightly. In this way, the mercury in the dice will flow to the 1 side, making this side heavier. Then when you roll the dice, the 1pip side will be on the bottom. Therefore, there will be 6 points at the top.

To achieve this effect we will dig six tunnels to six points. Mercury can flow to different points through these tunnels. The mercury will flow to the side you tapped and the last bit will be the other side of it. Hitting the dice requires skill. If you are playing Mercury Dice for the first time, it is a good idea to do some practice before you gamble. Practice makes perfect. After a few practice sessions, you can get better at playing the almighty quicksilver dice.


Opaque / Rounded Corner / Acrylic, Opaque / Rounded Corner / Plastic, Opaque / Square Corner / Acrylic, Opaque / Square Corner / Plastic, Transparent / Rounded Corner / Acrylic, Transparent / Rounded Corner / Plastic, Transparent / Square Corner / Acrylic, Transparent / Square Corner / Plastic


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