Water Bottle Cheating Camera Poker Scanner

Water bottle cheating camera poker scanner is one of the new generation products that come out this year. It’s a good choice poker players in winter for it can hold…

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The Water Bottle Cheat Camera Poker Scanner is one of a new generation of products introduced this year. It can hold warm water like a normal bottle, and it can also scan playing cards marked with barcodes, which is a good choice for winter poker players.

Water bottles are a good addition to poker tables, used to hide scanning cameras from poker analyzer cheating systems. It doesn’t have the same issues as the unknown phone, which others find it questionable to put the phone on the table. It is easier to be accepted by others by carrying a bottle with you.

What’s more, the new 730N bottle poker scanner camera’s battery lasts about three to four hours, which is longer than the battery life of many other scanners for lighters, car keys, and more. And these batteries are rechargeable and can be easily replaced, so if you want to enjoy a longer game of poker, you can carry two or more batteries.

In addition to high security and long service life, its scanning range is another major advantage of anti-theft cameras. This bottle of large-range scanner has a scanning distance of 28cm~55cm to the card, and a scanning distance of 25cm up and down. Also, we accept customized bottle playing card scanner scanning distance if you have special requirements. Just get in touch to learn more!


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