Ultra Luminous Reader Infrared Lenses to Read The Ink

Ultra luminous reader infrared lenses to read the ink are as an important part for poker tricks. Some people hold an opinion that buying marked playing cards would change their…

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The super-luminescent reader infrared lens used to read the ink is an essential part of poker tricks. Some people believe that buying marked playing cards can change their vulnerable position when playing the game. But without infrared contact lenses, it’s impossible for our naked eyes to see the invisible ink-marked deck. Depending on your original eye color, here we can choose the color that suits you best.

When many people choose a pair of super luminous reader infrared lenses to read ink, they mainly pay attention to two aspects. The first is clarity. Remember, the more clearly you can detect the marked deck, the blurrier the environment you will see. The second is that comfort. Infrared contact lenses are processed using laser dyeing systems and sandwich technology. When wearing contact lenses, you will not feel pain and keep the original color of your eyes. To avoid any adverse effects on eye health, please wear as directed.

Whether it’s the first time you’ve heard of the Ultra Glow Reader Infrared Lens to read ink, you’ll find the best advice for your strategy in the poker games you play.


Black / 5mm / DHL, Black / 5mm / EMS, Black / 5mm / FedEx, Black / 6mm / DHL, Black / 6mm / EMS, Black / 6mm / FedEx, Black / 7mm / DHL, Black / 7mm / EMS, Black / 7mm / FedEx, Black / 9mm / DHL, Black / 9mm / EMS, Black / 9mm / FedEx, Blue / 5mm / DHL, Blue / 5mm / EMS, Blue / 5mm / FedEx, Blue / 6mm / DHL, Blue / 6mm / EMS, Blue / 6mm / FedEx, Blue / 7mm / DHL, Blue / 7mm / EMS, Blue / 7mm / FedEx, Blue / 9mm / DHL, Blue / 9mm / EMS, Blue / 9mm / FedEx, Brown / 5mm / DHL, Brown / 5mm / EMS, Brown / 5mm / FedEx, Brown / 6mm / DHL, Brown / 6mm / EMS, Brown / 6mm / FedEx, Brown / 7mm / DHL, Brown / 7mm / EMS, Brown / 7mm / FedEx, Brown / 9mm / DHL, Brown / 9mm / EMS, Brown / 9mm / FedEx


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